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|SniDeR| Out to get SoulJamx and hsHEROx

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1|SniDeR| Out to get SoulJamx and hsHEROx Empty |SniDeR| Out to get SoulJamx and hsHEROx Mon Jan 25, 2010 6:14 am



yea... hes out to get me and hshero, lets say the whole group is... that includes, hevan, hellcaster, ohnigger and idk who else. anyways ive been told hes got ss of me glitchin == i only do it in rooms where everyone does it. ... just for fun. zomgosh. anyways if i do go thats how LOL...

but i also heard from a gd source that hes editing a screen shot to make it look like i hack who noes if their right. would suck if he really did coz then its permanent ban right ? ... sigh .

anyways want to warn u guys they may be after other supers or ppls who call them wallers or talk to them haha agro fcks. anyways
they already hacked bluefreeze. becareful peeps idk i may quit if i get banned. :S

Crying or Very sad



WHAT?! how did they hack BlueFreeze? and who's account was that?

mofo's anyway lsniderl is a gay upstuck little fuck.
needs to be dropped.
(in real life)

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