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BlueFreeze hacked by |Snider|

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1BlueFreeze hacked by |Snider| Empty BlueFreeze hacked by |Snider| Thu Jan 21, 2010 3:16 pm



just to warn you guys, snider hacked BlueFreeze's comp (gonna call blue freeze 'bf' to make it easier).

Any ways snider hacked bf's comp after he was 1v1'ing hevan and snider came to observe then he dc'ed and funny shit happened to his comp and yea... just to warn u stay away from them, especially hellcasterx coz hes leet at hacking and bein a dick. and yea hevan and snider and also ohnigger. so if u see them in a game, avoid them pls. unless u wanna gamble and see if u get owned or not.

this is the 2nd time its happened to bf, 1st time hellcasterx did it and capped his internet within 2 minutes. i know right FCK HEADS Evil or Very Mad . anyways you've been warned. take care! Smile

Suspect lol at these emotions

ok OVER N OUT....

2BlueFreeze hacked by |Snider| Empty Re: BlueFreeze hacked by |Snider| Sat Jan 23, 2010 1:11 pm



okays guys with ventrilo DELETE IT FROM UR COMPUTER NOW!

chris (hellcasterx, porchemonkey) can ddos ur computer
and that program can hack into ur computer through ventrilo if u have it from inquiring ur ip then shutting down ur net and if he hates u that bad he will shut it down for a day and destroy ur internet tower so just delete and ull be 90% safe Smile

3BlueFreeze hacked by |Snider| Empty Re: BlueFreeze hacked by |Snider| Wed Jan 27, 2010 8:58 am



lol not if you have a GOOD firewall. i suggest you ALL use eset smart security its awesome. You do not have to delete Ventrilo just don't go onto their server and get a firewall! ask bluefreeze if he had one?

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