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Super's vs Hero's

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1Super's vs Hero's Empty Super's vs Hero's Thu Jan 21, 2010 4:18 pm


Ok everyone!

There are two groups!

One called "Super" and the other called "Hero"

This is just for fun, but can also turn into something very big.

I ask that you pick either group and join it by clicking the "Groups" button at the top of the website. Then apply for whichever group you wish to join

I was thinking of having mini rivalries between the two groups, Super and Hero, for fun where Super's vs Hero's.

hsHEROx is in the awesome faction Hero

SoulJamx is in the gay awesome faction Super (kidding lol, SoulJamx needs a handicap, hes too pro!)

So yea, its nothing special at the moment. Just something fun XD.

And try to keep the sides even, for example if you want someone to be your rival, call them out and tell them to join the opposite team.

My rival is SoulJamx. so hes on the other team! RAWR

as you can see the colour of my name is blue'ish coz im a hero

whilst souljamx's is pink'sh coz hes in super!

you can make your own cult and vote for a different colour if u wish, ask your ring leader!

Super---- Twisted Evil

2Super's vs Hero's Empty Re: Super's vs Hero's Sat Jan 23, 2010 1:07 pm



ppl with power user should make their color into w/e group they are in Smile

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