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let all the other supers know about this site =]

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ah yea.. the title SAYS IT ALL hahahaha !

... ok . er... THATS ALL ... btw hshero came up with an idea to have our pride split into two teams for event. the teams will be Super's and Heroe's ill be on one team .. and i think ill be super's apparently and hero will be on hero HAH conicedence ay... so yea.. we'll let you know soon on wats gunna happen ! leave suggestions and comments if u want betches ! xD peace.

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That Sounds Like a Great Idea ^^ What a Face

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2 Teams o_O R we doing 3v3?

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well we currently have 30 memebers... altho only about 15 will be online for event. so 8v8 ?

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Make like a Tournament, the kings move up and so on until final?

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hey thats a heaps good idea backfirez =D

GENIUS ! haha a tournament might be the way to go =]

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oo it dont really sound that good of an idea...
think up more and if your idea is still good we shall use it

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BackFireZ wrote:Make like a Tournament, the kings move up and so on until final?

We have to decide whos king. Its either hsHEROx Or SoulJam(x) Very Happy

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